A hundred years ago

This medallion*  was struck to commemorate the 1919 celebrations. 

*Courtesy of Margaret Winch, whose mother attended the Pageant and kept this one as a momento. How many of these  silver medallions are still to be found?

Question: can anyone suggest a reason why this medallion might not have been circulated widely?

The 1919 centenary celebration for Charles Kingsley was major event, spanning several days. It attracted participation from local inhabitants in plays, concerts, ballet; with royal patronage and support from the Duke of Wellington and other notables. Extra trains were put on bringing visitors from far and wide to the local station at Winchfield.

 A ballet, The Fish and the Fly,  was performed by The John Tiller Dancing Academy, which was  probably founded by the same John Tiller  who created  the Tiller Girls and contributed to the Ziegfield Follies; the high-kickers of the roaring 20s dance halls on both sides of the Atlantic.
The John Tiller School of Dance including Ballet and Tap training & Modern and Ballroom is now continued by Bernard Tiller.

It seems that a future Village Hall was very much on the minds of the organisers

Epic scale
A photograph of the finale of the “Harvest Home” described as an old Eversley rite. In other words,  a kind of open-air Harvest Festival.

From the 1919 centenary pageant programme courtesy of Margaret Winch (resident of Eversley up to 1945)

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