Introduction to the festival

The basic proposal, at this early stage and following the inaugural meeting of a group of interested parishioners, is for a festival to celebrate Kingsley’s life and work through talks, activities and exhibitions. This to be held in Eversley during the week that marks 200 years since his birth

Charles Kingsley (CK) enjoyed an intense life of enormous scope, including his authorship of influential children’s books, theological debate (famously with Cardinal Newman), professorship at Cambridge,  reform of worker’s living conditions; the list goes on.

For us living in Eversley,   we hold a  particular interest in his life arising from the shared experienced of living in the same  village and the common appreciation of the countryside and buildings; as well as  benefiting from his legacy with the primary school he founded and worshipping at St. Mary’s where he was rector . All this contributes to the special involvement we have with him which will be manifested in the Festival plans we are embarking on

Peter Ormrod
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