1919 Eversley Pageant

The 1919 Pageant was interesting in many respects, as much for what it did not include  as for what it did and who participated and who did not.  For example although the children from St Neots (a private school in Eversley) took part no mention is made of children from the village school founded by Charles Kingsley and named after him.

1919 was a year of political ferment and uncertainty. The Russian revolution was exercising the British ruling class.  The Secretary of State, Winston Churchill,  advocated supporting Germany – only very recently  an enemy –  in order to counter the spread of Bolshevism. In the UK thirty-four million days were lost in strikes. Paranoia spread amongst the elite with the spectre of a new order replacing all that was familiar.  The 1919 Pageant, therefore, can be seen as an expression of support for the old order, of a bucolic pre-war past.

Peter Ormrod

This link to a source of information on British pageants has some fascinating background  detail. See here

Below are extracts from the pageant programme. At 2 shillings, it was  expensive for many.